Micha Dubernard

SVP – Chief of Staff
Micha joined ESJ in 2017, his responsibilities include working with the CEO in managing the company’s global operations, strategic planning as well as a more autonomous role over Special Projects, Human Resources, and IT Innovation.
With 20 years of experience, Micha started his professional career as a Project Manager for the “Banque de France” (French Federal Reserve). After moving to the United States at 24, Micha had eight years of experience managing two different single-family offices for HNWI, as well as being Director of Operations and Finances for a real estate investments and hospitality group. Micha, passionate about creating meaningful connections and relationships, created in 2006 the Miami Economic Club, where he hosted CEOs guests’ speakers of companies such as Spherion, Burger King, Tupperware Corp, and US leaders such as The Honorable Donna Shalala, or Max Mayfield, then Director of the NOAA NHC.