ESJ Capital Partners

ESJ Capital Partners (“ESJ”), co-founded in 2008 by Arnaud Sitbon, is a diversified, institutional vertically integrated, real estate investment firm. ESJ utilizes its breadth of experience and expertise to invest in attractive opportunities throughout the United States with an emphasis on the Southeast region.



We offer various investment opportunities in different real estate classes. Our current market focus spans across the USA, with a hot spot in the Southeast.

ESJ is comprised of investment vehicles based in the USA managed by ESJ Capital Partners, LLC (an SEC-registered Investment Advisor) and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, managed by ESJ Management sàrl. These investment vehicles are shaped as funds or club deals.


We work with investors from diverse backgrounds, including high net worth individuals, institutional investors and corporations.

Through our offices in Miami (USA) and Luxembourg (Europe), ESJ has a direct access to major financial investors across the globe.


We are a management owned company. Founded in 2008 at the height of world financial crisis, we have seen exponential growth in the past 11 years.

ESJ’s philosophy is to provide optimum returns for our investors through disciplined procedures, selective investment criteria and structured processes. Amid this rapid growth, we remain dedicated to these principles.

$4.5 Billion

of Assets Acquired*

100+ Years

of Combined Experience*

* Represents total by ESJ executives as of 12/31/18


A diversified portfolio of Real Estate Investments

Our Philosophy

Focused Growth

  • Targeted acquisitions, active management and the drive for long-term value sustainability.

  • ESJ focuses on segments with strong potential for durable growth.

  • Prospective acquisitions must be supported by strong market fundamentals.

  • Understanding of segment drivers allows us to isolate the best investments.


  • ESJ’s success is due to the commitment and dedication of its employees on every aspect of operations.

  • An in-depth understanding of investments from inception, planning and acquisition through financing, development and asset management is what differentiates ESJ.


  • Recognizing our interdependence, ESJ effectively communicates with investors, tenants and each other on a continuous basis.

  • Our counterparts deserve clear, comprehensive and transparent communication.