Gabriel Amiel
Gabriel Amiel Principal
Gabriel serves as partner and brings deep experience in private equity funding. [...]
Arnaud Sitbon
Arnaud Sitbon Principal
Arnaud is the founder of Flore Invest, a Miami-based Investment company, and ESJ Asset Management, LLC. [...]
Philippe Marchal
Philippe Marchal Executive Director
Philippe serves as Executive Director in charge of the management of the Luxembourg-based office. [...]
Matthew Fuller
Matthew Fuller Chief Investment Officer
Matt serves as its Chief Investment Officer responsible for the acquisition and the disposition of assets. [...]
Elie Mimoun
Elie Mimoun Chief Operating Officer - Head of Portfolio
Elie serves as Chief Operating Officer. He is Head of Portfolio and is based in Miami, FL. [...]
Patrice Grunbaum
Patrice Grunbaum Chief Financial Officer
Patrice Grunbaum currently serves as our Chief Financial Officer. Patrice He has over 18 years of experience [...]
Richard Berk
Richard Berk Director of Development
Richard handles feasibility analysis of new project construction and expansion. [...]
Salomon Zrihen
Salomon Zrihen Construction Manager
Salomon is responsible for planning, management and supervision of all portfolio construction activities. [...]
Marine Peclet
Marine Peclet Corporate Finance Manager
Marine is responsible for the accounting, budgeting and financial reporting of the management companies of ESJ. [...]
Alvaro Viana
Alvaro Viana Properties Finance Manager
Alvaro Viana is in charge of accounting, budgeting and financial reporting of the properties companies. [...]
Alexander Chuneyev
Alexander Chuneyev Porfolio Finance Manager
Alexander is responsible for the accounting, budgeting and financial reporting of the investment vehicles. [...]
Gregory Henfling
Gregory Henfling Junior Finance Manager
Gregory is in charge of financial reporting and internal control of our Luxembourg–based investment vehicles and management company. [...]
Robert L. Saunders
Robert L. Saunders Investment Analyst
Robert Saunders serves as Investment Analyst. He is based in Miami, FL. [...]
David Amiel
David Amiel Junior Analyst
David Amiel serves as Junior Analyst. He provides support in the acquisitions process and underwriting investments. [...]
Johanna Dayan
Johanna Dayan Investor Relations Assistant
Johanna provides administrative and legal assistance related to investments and investors. Her duties include administrative and legal assistance [...]
Rachael Peters
Rachael Peters Senior Executive Assistant
Rachael Peters serves as an executive assistant. She has 15 years of C-Suite public company assistant experience. [...]