Richard Berk
Richard Berk Director of Development
Richard serves as Director of Development. He is also involved in the analysis of feasibility of new project construction and expansion. Richard has over 30 years of Real Estate Development expertise. He has developed retail, office, multifamily, and residential subdivisions during his career. Before joining ESJ, Richard has spent 11 years as a regional managing director of national retail developer Boos Development Group. Prior to that he was the founder and president of Paradise Development Group which has been involved into one of the largest portfolio of Publix shopping centers in the Southeastern United States of America. Richard has developed properties with a value in excess of $1 billion in the retail, and multifamily markets in Florida.


(+1) 305-600-5001 x114
Gabriel Amiel
Gabriel Amiel Principal
Gabriel serves as partner and brings deep experience in private equity funding. [...]
Arnaud Sitbon
Arnaud Sitbon Principal
Arnaud is the founder of Flore Invest, a Miami-based Investment company, and ESJ Asset Management, LLC. [...]
Philippe Marchal
Philippe Marchal Executive Director
Philippe serves as Executive Director in charge of the management of the Luxembourg-based office. [...]
Matthew Fuller
Matthew Fuller Chief Investment Officer
Matt serves as its Chief Investment Officer responsible for the acquisition and the disposition of assets. [...]
Elie Mimoun
Elie Mimoun Chief Operating Officer - Head of Portfolio
Elie serves as Chief Operating Officer. He is Head of Portfolio and is based in Miami, FL. [...]
Patrice Grunbaum
Patrice Grunbaum Chief Financial Officer
Patrice Grunbaum currently serves as our Chief Financial Officer. Patrice He has over 18 years of experience [...]
Richard Berk
Richard Berk Director of Development
Richard handles feasibility analysis of new project construction and expansion. [...]
Salomon Zrihen
Salomon Zrihen Construction Manager
Salomon is responsible for planning, management and supervision of all portfolio construction activities. [...]
Marine Peclet
Marine Peclet Corporate Finance Manager
Marine is responsible for the accounting, budgeting and financial reporting of the management companies of ESJ. [...]
Alvaro Viana
Alvaro Viana Properties Finance Manager
Alvaro Viana is in charge of accounting, budgeting and financial reporting of the properties companies. [...]
Alexander Chuneyev
Alexander Chuneyev Porfolio Finance Manager
Alexander is responsible for the accounting, budgeting and financial reporting of the investment vehicles. [...]
Gregory Henfling
Gregory Henfling Junior Finance Manager
Gregory is in charge of financial reporting and internal control of our Luxembourg–based investment vehicles and management company. [...]
Robert L. Saunders
Robert L. Saunders Investment Analyst
Robert Saunders serves as Investment Analyst. He is based in Miami, FL. [...]
David Amiel
David Amiel Junior Analyst
David Amiel serves as Junior Analyst. He provides support in the acquisitions process and underwriting investments. [...]
Johanna Dayan
Johanna Dayan Investor Relations Assistant
Johanna provides administrative and legal assistance related to investments and investors. Her duties include administrative and legal assistance [...]
Rachael Peters
Rachael Peters Senior Executive Assistant
Rachael Peters serves as an executive assistant. She has 15 years of C-Suite public company assistant experience. [...]